7 tips for employee retention interviews

Workers across the United States are asking why they should stay with their current employer — but should employers be asking the same question of their talent? This is where the maintenance interview comes in.

The maintenance of stay helps managers understand what employees think of their current role and growth opportunities, ideally before the employee even considers looking elsewhere. According to Willis Towers Watson’s 2022 Global Benefits Attitude Survey, 44% of employees are seeking a new job in the name of better pay and benefits, hinting at the longevity of the Great Resignation .

“If companies are focused on retaining their employees, the stay interview can be a great indicator of why an employee might not be as happy as they once were, or why they might not stay,” says Kate Grimaldi, senior director of corporate talent. strategy at Paylocity, a payroll management company. “Employees also need to know that their opinions matter – that they have a voice in their company.”

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For Grimaldi, stay interviews not only offer managers a chance to understand if their talent wants to leave, but what would motivate them to stay. However, the stay interview will not be effective if a manager only asks for an employee’s willingness to stay. Here are Grimaldi’s seven best tips and practices for conducting productive residency interviews.

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