$ 5.5 million contract awarded for subsea geotechnical studies to discover the Marinus Link route | Examiner

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Underwater engineering geotechnical surveys will be conducted in January on the northwest coast of Tasmania to determine which route is preferred for the Marinus Link. MMA Offshore was awarded the $ 5.5 million contract to undertake the study, which supports the 1,500 megawatt capacity submarine and underground electrical connection project between Tasmania and Victoria. The contract was announced during Tas Networks Budget Estimates, where questions have been raised about current and future funding for Marinus Link, where work to date on the link is being funded by $ 56 million in federal funding for the design and approval phase. It was also revealed that TasNetworks spent over half a million on a consultant report for energy cost modeling, produced by FTI consulting, which has been described as a highly specialized service. Tas Networks chief executive Sean Mc Goldrick said FTI has looked at wholesale energy price modeling, looking at customers’ energy costs in the national electricity market. “Just to be absolutely clear, FTI is certainly very good at it and not the only party and certainly at other times I have used other consultants and also used FTI. They are very good at what they do. “, did he declare. “In terms of cost, in 2021 we had expenses of $ 524,000 with FTI.” Additional funding of $ 93.9 million for Marinus Link is expected to come from the federal government, which will be matched by the state. The audience wanted confirmation that this future funding was quarantined from Tasmanian TPS stocks, and that assurance was given by TasNetworks. It has also been established that the Marinus Link has 62 people currently employed, including 44 employees and 18 contract employees, with 23 vacant positions. Only 6 of those jobs are in Tasmania, but Tas Networks chief executive Dr Sean Mc Goldrick said that at the height of construction there will be 1,400 jobs on the island that will be associated with the Marinus Link. . Energy Minister Guy Barnett said up to 110 sites will be screened for the $ 5.5 million underwater study, about 80 meters deep, between Heybridge, Tasmania, and South Gippsland, in Victoria. He said the proposed Tasmanian HVDC converter station site for Marinus Link is the old Tioxide site in Heybridge. “Local residents will be able to watch this vessel doing offshore survey work this summer.”


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