11 pro-Trump ‘fake voters’ in Georgia gave interviews for investigation before realizing they were targets of prosecution

Yet 11 of the 16 voters allege that prosecutors told them they were witnesses and not the subjects of the investigation, and that they had agreed to give voluntary interviews to investigators, according to a motion they tabled on Tuesday.

According to their court documents, they said at least two of them appeared for interviews in late April.

Voters said they were first told on June 28 that they were considered targets, not witnesses, due to “new evidence” coming to light, as per the motion.

“It should be noted that Georgia law does not require the district attorney or the grand jury to inform witnesses of their potential target status before they testify,” Willis’ court filing said.

Willis had opened a criminal investigation last year to investigate “attempts to influence the administration of the 2020 general election in Georgia”, and had called for a special grand jury to be convened in May.

The 16 voters are part of the investigation because they signed a certificate declaring Trump the winner of the election even though President Joe Biden won, Willis’ court filing said Tuesday.

They tried to circumvent Biden’s victory by submitting the certificate to the National Archives and identifying themselves as the “duly elected and qualified voters” for Georgia, even though the Republican Party had been defeated there, according to the documents.

Willis said in her filing that she was considering possible racketeering and voter conspiracy charges.

His investigation also subpoenaed close Trump alliesincluding his lawyer Rudy Giuliani, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and legal counsel John Eastman.

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