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This is the BIG events archive

Turning a nation of shopkeepers into a nation of market researchers:  Overcoming SME barriers to Research.

The first Forum meeting of 2017 takes place on Tuesday 7th February at the Research Now Offices - we start at 6.00 with drinks and nibbles and the Forum meeting will start at 6.30pm.

Why do SME businesses spend so little on market research?  What are the barriers that prevent them from entering the MR market and how can they be overcome?

Come to BIG Forum on February 7th and hear Alex Johnston of Jigsaw Research explore these issues, examining the needs of SMEs and discussing how new business opportunities for research can be generated in the SME market.

To confirm your attendance, please email meeting co-ordinator Mike Joseph on mike.joseph99@gmail.com

To download a flyer about the event click here

BIG Members are invited to join the ICG webinar on Thursday December 1st: Life by PowerPoint - a Masterclass.

For more details click on this link:  http://theicg.co.uk/event/3000296/life-by-powerpoint-a-masterclass-


The next BIG Forum session is on November 29, 2016 when  Nick Thomas of MrWeb will chair a panel discussion on how British firms are getting involved in the big data revolution and how big data integrates with MR.  Is big data so much ... hype, or will it wipe out traditional research, or is it a highly useful tool for our MR toolbox?  And what's it actually being used for, here in the UK?

Come and hear two brilliant speakers: Richard Collins from Big Sofa and James 'JT' Turner from Black  Swan.

Both are researchers working on the front line of the big data revolution who have developed their own technologies and services integrating big data analytics with other insight skills.

BIG Forum is part of the Business Intelligence Group (BIG) and provides business researchers with opportunities to network, exchange views, and catch up on latest thinking.

London Forums are held at Research Now offices at 160 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4V 4BF - just around the corner from Blackfriars tube.  We start with drinks and nibbles at 6pm followed by the Forum at 6.30pm.

Book a seat or seats now by emailing meeting co-ordinator Nick Thomas on nickt@mrweb.com

Click here to download a flyer about the event.

CPD 1hBIG Forums are each worth 1 CPD hour on the MRS's CPD scheme.


The first Forum meeting of the new 2016-17 session is a panel discussion on Brexit means .... what exactly?

PLEASE NOTE - there is a change of venue for this meeting which will now take place at the MRS – their address is The Old Trading House, 15 Northburgh Street, London EC1V 0JR – with the Forum drinks starting at 6pm.

The Brexit referendum result is expected to make a significant mark on the UK economy but what form will that take?  And what ramifications will there be for the market research industry?  Come to BIG Forum on 27 September to find out more with our expert panel.  Speakers will include Dave Skelsey of Strictly Financial, on the economic impact of Brexit, and Debrah Harding, Managing Director of the MRS, on its implications for MR in the UK.  An additional speaker will be a leading clientside research buyer.

BIG Forum is part of the Business Intelligence Group (BIG) and provides business researchers with opportunities to network, exchange views, and catch up on latest thinking.

Please note that on arrival at MRS you need to press the buzzer for the 4th floor reception as it is on this floor where the Forum event will be held.

ICG invites BIG members to join its forthcoming webinar, ‘Finding Insight In The Noise – How To Approach Social Media Intelligence’ on Thurs 22 Sept, 11am.

Click on the link below for more informtion.

ICG invites BIG members to join in their latest webinar on 25th August - Improve your business by boosting your confidence, courage and compasison.

For more details and to register, click here

LinkedIn - how to create a great profile and build your business!

Much debate still surrounds LinkedIn and whether it serves as a viable way to build a business. Many see it as a time vampire that distracts their focus and produces little return on investment, while others see it as the best lead- generation tool that actually saves them time.
In this webinar, you’ll learn exactly why these two opinions exist and how, with a few simple changes, you can quickly create results that will transform your business and dramatically reduce your marketing budget.
The webinar is being presented by Naomi Johnson, the founder of TheProfile.Company and the author of ‘What to Put on Your LinkedIn Profile’ & ‘Grassroots to Green Shoots’. 

For more information click here

To book your place, register here


Thousands of new consultancy businesses are started up every year in the UK; sadly, thousands of businesses also fail every year. One of the reasons they fail is because they don’t get their marketing right. They throw money it, hoping it will work. They try a bit of this and a bit of that, because they’ve heard that’s what they need to do, or they think it might work.

Chantal Cornelius at Appletree Marketing does marketing planning very differently to many other people in her industry. In this webinar she’ll help you plan your marketing for the next twelve months by identify the best techniques and saving you money, while still bringing in the clients you need.

For more information click here

To book your place on this webinar, register here

ICG invites BIG members to join in with its Webinar on 28th July: My Big Fat Virtual Indian Wedding - A study in semiotics. This is beig re-run from a few months back as there were technical problems and it had to be abandoned. Anyone who previously registered would need to re-register.

The webinar is sponsored by Appletree Marketing, who specialise in helping independent consultants to grow their businesses, by showing them how to stop wasting money on their marketing.

The arranged marriage market in India (as love comes after marriage in India!) has always been vast. Even today it is claimed that 95% of young people would prefer an arranged marriage. So modern India is keeping this tradition, though the method of the search for the ‘bride/groom’ has changed extraordinarily.

Traditionally the matchmaking was conducted with word of mouth arrangements via priests, family, friends and agencies. More recently, newspapers had extensive classified Matrimonial sections and now, as India is at the forefront of the world technology revolution, websites are responsible for arranging marriages!

This webinar is being presented by Anumita Sharma who specialises in research in India and ethnic research in the UK. She has used Semiotics in her research work since the early 1990s and last year presented at the Semiotic Society of America conference in Philadelphia. Her current research interest is applying Semiotics principles to online markets.

The webinar presents a state of the nation and semiotics of Indian virtual marriage websites showing how semiotic analysis decodes the changes in the Indian matrimonial scene.

The study shows how semiotic analysis has exposed a new social phenomenon with its own codes and has shone light on a world unknown to most of us.
To book your place on this fantastic webinar from the ICG Digital Academy, register here!

The Business Intelligence Group presents:

What next for the Pollsters?

Dr Nick Baker, Quadrangle: member of BPC/MRS Inquiry into 2015 Election

Keiran Pedley, GfK: presenter of ‘Polling Matters’ podcast

Chair: Dave Skelsey, Strictly Financial

BIG Forum May 17th 2016, 18:00 for 18:30 start


The report of the BPC/MRS Inquiry into the 2015 election was published in March, concluding that the primary cause of the polling miss was unrepresentative samples.

Is this the ‘death of polling’, as some suggest, or can pollsters take actions to improve their performance? And what are the implications of the Inquiry’s findings and recommendations for the research industry more generally?

Join the conversation by coming to BIG Forum and putting your questions to Nick Baker and Keiran Pedley.

You are invited to submit questions in advance by sending them to mike.joseph99@gmail.com

Click here to download a flyer about the event.

BIG Forum is part of the Business Intelligence Group (BIG) and provides business researchers with opportunities to network, exchange views, and catch up on latest thinking.

The Forum will be held at Research Now, 160 Queen Victoria St, London EC4V 4BF with drinks and nibbles served from 6.00pm and the Forum starting at 6.30pm.

Please notify meeting organizer, Mike Joseph, T:07939 847235 or E:mike.joseph99@gmail.com, if you wish to attend.


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